3D Printing on Demand

Agile Manufacturing with Quick Turnaround


Digital Manufacturing at Your Fingertips

Fast and flexible, our 3D Printers currently handle batches up to 500 parts in a timely manner (and we are growing!). All it takes is a file and your choice of materials.

How It Works

Simply upload a file of your design (.STL file) and we’ll let you know what it takes to make it happen. Don’t have a file? We offer 3D modeling services to digitize your idea. Happy to chat, just give us a call or a quick message with your request.

What’s Possible – Materials and Colors

Whether you need to prototype a new product idea, re-create hard to find parts, or order products in small batches with varying designs – 3D Printing can handle it. Really the only question is which material is most suitable for your needs.


This is the most affordable material. Stiff but brittle, PLA is a biodegradable plastic best used for prototypes, desk-toys, and models.

PETG - Stronger than PLA

Durable, flexible, impact and heat resistant, PETG can be used for a wide range of products. A great option for mechanical parts or snap-fit designs. Similar to the plastic used in water bottles, PETG is 100% reclaimable.

Nylon - Functionally Strong

Strong, durable, flexible (when thin) and shatter resistant, Nylon is a great choice for functionally strong parts. Color options include a natural white.

Nylon + Carbon Fiber / Glass

Reinforcing Nylon with carbon fiber or glass strands makes for incredible stiffness, impact resistance, and high tensile strength. These parts are engineering grade with a matte finish and are production ready. Nylon + Carbon Fiber only comes in Black. Nylon + Glass comes in black or white.

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