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Nice to meet you.


Hi there. Nice to meet you. My name is Kevin and building web applications is what I do. Successfully employed web developer by day and blogger/dreamer by night. This is where I come to share my journey as I explore machine learning and artificial intelligence, becoming a better developer, showcase my projects, share some experience, catalog my ideas and hopefully provide interesting content. My goal is to achieve mastery as a developer, write about my journey and hopefully help you do the same.

I’m a problem solver. Finding solutions and then optimizing that solution makes me a happy developer. That being said, a great solution is only as good as the software that it is built into. I’ll be exploring engineering better solutions for distribution. I primarily use Python, PHP, and JavaScript and will spend the majority of my time here. Why? They are extremely flexible and rapid to develop with.

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I’ve always got a project going on. My main project right now is a web app that allows for quick and simple sharing of lists. Anything you can think to make a list of can be easily thrown together and published or shared. If you are like me then you love lists and this sounds like a great idea. If you are like my friend Bunbury then lists are boring and you want nothing to do with it. You can follow my progress with developing and publishing it on the blog.

Why Happy Developer?

I find joy in creating. This blog, this website, my other web projects. Building things brings me joy. Being productive brings me joy. Life’s a journey. Enjoy it. [Article – Happy Developer’s code]

Culture of Happy Developer – using technology to enhance life. Automating, simplifying, finding hidden solutions.

Topics I plan to write about

> Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
> Algorithms
> Developing better applications in python
> Being a better builder
> Development resources – check out the tools I use


That’s all for now.

Thanks for visiting!