Prior to my recent purchase of a 2013 Nissan Leaf, I knew next to nothing about electric vehicles (EVs). What I did know was that they were emission free and I would never need to use a gas station again.

But there are still costs associated with using an EV and after a quick google search I discovered that depending on what kind of outlet you use, or the charge port on your car it could take upwards of 20 hours to juice up the battery! I also discovered that it is pretty simple to figure out how to estimate the cost of electricity each time you plug it in. There are other calculators on the web but I wanted to make my own.

By the way, I love my Leaf. It is a second car used solely as a commuter to get around the valley. I rarely drive it more than 20 miles a day. Zippy, smooth, quiet. It’s great.

Enjoy the calculators and let me know what you think.

EV Charge Time

% kwh amps volts
Time to charge:

EV Charge Cost

kwh % % ¢ per kw
Cost to Charge:


Charge time = kwh (size of battery) / kw (minimum between source and receiver)

Charge cost = kwh (size of battery) * percent charge * cost of electricity per kw

Cost of electricity