A Happy Developer’s Code

Every developer, programmer, code junkie, etc. needs a code to code by. And if you are like me, it is a part of your core. Being my first official blog post on Happy Developer Labs I want to take a brief moment and share mine. So, without further ado, the core code of a Happy Developer.
  1. Code like you are running out of time.
  2. Can do attitude.
  3. If you have an idea, prototype it. Just do it – otherwise stop talking about it.
  4. Allow yourself to create poor work. Then do it better. This is how you grow.
  5. Be persistent.
  6. There is more to life than code. Always be learning something. Keep it diverse.
  7. A solid team is always more successful than going it alone. Work on team building.
  8. Focus on your own flaws and others’ virtues.
  9. Learn to find joy in others’ achievements.
  10. Be active in a community – online and offline.
  11. Give back. Why? Because a happy life is one of service.
With time this will evolve and be refined. For now it is where I will start. What’s your code?