Update: Newly designed hex-to-rgb calculator – check it out.

As a web developer (read not designer) my default thinking is in terms of hexadecimal values. Sometimes I want to add a transparency to a color in my css. To do this, the simplest way I know is using rgba(). This is RGB-alpha, where the alpha is the value of the transparency from 0-1. Unfortunately, if my color theme is mapped out in hex then I have to take a moment to search for a hex-to-rgb calculator online and apply the conversion.

Then one day I realized that I really didn’t understand what was happening behind the scenes. I mean, if I didn’t have google could I figure it out on my own? I couldn’t. So I took a few minutes to learn the idea behind hexadecimal and rgb values and then built my own calculator.

Let me know what you think. Enjoy. 😃

Hex to RGB

RGB( )