Meet BukoList

The web app with a whole new level of sociability, interactivity and flexibility with your lists. Designed by list-a-holics, for list-a-holics. Yeah, yeah, I know. You are thinking that it is just another of the bazillion list apps. Well, yes and no. This app isn’t about productivity or project management. It’s about organizing list content in a new, clean, and socially engaging way. Anything that can be organized into a list can be published publicly or shared privately. Of course, it will still have basic productivity functionality (think shopping checklist). Read the story below and then give it a whirl (once beta testing is done) and tell me what you think.

The Story

Feature 1: Shared Lists

My wife is a huge list-a-holic. She makes lists for everything. Since we split shopping duties, there were many times when she would need to update our shopping list. This would end up being a FaceBook message or writing it down and handing it to me. Sometimes a text message. I would then need to aggregate all the items from all the sources into one list else risk forgetting something. I decided I needed to create a tool that could manage a shared list and make our life easier. So I did. Why didn’t I just go create a Wunderlist account? Because I’m a Happy Developer and sometimes I build before I think. BukoList’s main feature became managing the same checklist between two people. You could add, mark, delete, etc.

Feature 2: Data Calculation Snapshots (Graphs?)

I’m a data-vore. I always want to know the numbers. As I began using an early version of BokuList I realized that I wanted to know approximately how much money I would be spending as soon as the list was complete. As I sat there with a calculator I decided that it would be neat if a list with prices would automatically add it all up for me. So, I took an afternoon to brainstorm and added quick data snapshot features to BokuList. List items with values will automatically generate calculated values including the sum, min, max and average for a list. Currently I am playing around with the idea of a snapshot of a graph based on the data as well. Obviously not for shopping lists, but perhaps for a list of values over time. I want to emphasize that this is not a tool attempting to compete with Excel, simply looking for a way to calculate values in a list without having to input it into Excel.

Feature 3: Public Lists

As BokuList development was progressing I got excited and in a phone conversation with my mother explained the whole thing to her. She was somewhat interested but ultimately expressed a desire to easily be able to publish recipes online. That way she wouldn’t have to repeatedly write them down or email them to friends. Since she works in Health Promotion then this is a regular issue for her. Now, I am certain there are many tools that already solve her problem, but I had the thought that recipes are little more than a list of ingredients and instructions. Right? With a little bit of quick brainstorming and feedback from my mother I decided to add the ability to make a list a public list with a unique URL. That way my mother can create a recipe as a list and then publish it on BokuList. Then share that link with her friends, coworkers, clients, etc.

Feature 4: Social Things

After I committed to public lists it was quick hop over to the full social platform mentality of wanting to have every possible way of engaging with the public lists. Up votes, comments, shares, etc. I figured that presented with a thousand different lists of ‘top 100 books to read before you die’ it would be nice to know which list has the most votes. There is utility there, right? So that’s it. That’s story behind BukoList. What do you think? Want to publish a list?